Aphra Behn
1640- 89

“Forced to write for bread and not ashamed to own it.”

Aphra Behn Europe was founded by the distinguished scholar and translator, Professor Bernard Dhuicq, to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Behn’s work in Europe. The society has staged a series of very successful conferences at universities and cities throughout Europe, the last two being hosted by the University of Naples and, most recently in 2010,by the University of Vienna. Conferences are usually followed by the publication of the papers. adding to the growing body of critical appraisal of Behn's work.


“All I ask is the privilege for my masculine part the poet in me (if any such you will allow me) to tread in those successful paths my predecessors have so long thrived in...”

Aphra Behn from the preface to The Lucky Chance.


Prof. Bernard Dhuicq, 1933-2013

Prof. Bernard Dhuicq, 1933-2013

On 9th November 2013, in Paris, a memorial symposium was held at the Grand Parquet Theatre to celebrate the enormous contribution of Prof. Bernard Dhuicq to Aphra Behn studies and translation. Set within the context of Aline Cesar's dramatisation of Dhuicq's translation of Oroonoko, the symposium brought together scholars from France, Austria, and the UK, under the auspices of the university Paris Ouest Nanterre. 

Founder of Aphra Behn Europe and its secretary for many years, Prof. Dhuicq refused to allow the onset of Parkinson's disease to prevent him continuing to translate and promote Aphra Behn's work, and he continued to do so until the very last days of his life. The many friends and colleagues who attended the symposium are testimony to the affection and respect in which he was held.


Maureen Duffy, Hon. President Aphra Behn Europe.